The village of Anarita is located 12 km to the northeast of Paphos and is situated about 200 metres above sea level. It can easily be described as traditional village in rural surroundings with the mandatory village square, its coffee shops and tavernas where locals gather to discuss anything from local gossip to world politics over a “Cyprus coffee” and a game of cards or tavli (backgammon)

With just a ten minute drive from Paphos International Airport it’s ideal for those who travel and for collecting friends and family visiting. Within the village is a selection of shops and a small supermarket covering most everyday needs. 

For more amenities Yeroskipou is just a short drive away where you will find supermarkets, shops, banks, petrol stations, pharmacies and much more. For entertainment the village offers a handful of tavernas and bars that serve excellent local food. Also one of the best restaurants this side of Limassol – Olivio. It´s just opposite the village church.

Anarita has, as most villages in Paphos, a long history and is first described in the works of Louis de Mas Latrie, the first French historian with a particular interest in Cypriot history. He mentions that the village of Anarita was donated to a knight named Jerome Salviati by Jacob II of Louzinian in 1468.

In 1881 when the first scientific inventory occurred in Cyprus, there were 195 Christian and Muslim residents in Anarita. By 1982 the village where populated exclusively by 329 Greek-Cypriots. 

The 7 or 8 Turkish-Cypriot families all left in 1963-64 when the inter-communal troubles occurred. The Turkish Cypriots in the neighbouring village forced them to move to their village, even though the families lived peacefully with the residents of Anarita and did not want to leave.

The origin of the name of the village Anarita is believed to be derived from “anari”, which is a popular Cypriot “fresh” ricotta like cheese. However, this simplistic explanation will probably be a topic of disagreement amongst the above mentioned locals at the village square coffee shop : )